How to Crank Out Amazing BBQ Every Time

and Be the Hero at Your Neighborhood Cookouts!

Our mission is to help backyarders master amazing barbecue:

  • Learn the easy way with step-by-step recipes and mouth-watering photos.
  • A fun hand-picked collection of recipes, tips, product reviews, and other sizzle for backyarders every month.
  • Unique ideas that will keep your barbecue interesting and adventurous.

Are you looking for fun ideas to keep yourself inspired on the grill or smoker?

Do you wish you could cook the most amazing barbecue your family and friends have ever eaten?

StoryQue is a fun collection of ideas, tips, recipes, product reviews, and other sizzle from the barbecue world. Every month we publish another “installment” of StoryQue to keep chefs like you inspired and on the cutting edge of backyard barbecue...

  • Simple step-by-step recipes for grilling and smoking amazing barbecue
  • Stories and recipes from writers in the US, Ireland, Australia, and the Cayman Islands
  • Rub and sauce recipes each month
  • "Out of the box" ideas (think smoked alligators and vegemite-smeared briskets)
  • Equipment and gadget reviews
  • Sides, appetizers, and desserts to complete your barbecue meals

"The mission of StoryQue is to help beginners master amazing barbecue, and to keep experienced backyarders inspired with creative ideas every month."

StoryQue is written by people who are passionate about creating meaningful experiences around food, fire, family, and friends. For us, barbecue is about the experience—the story that goes with the recipe.

"Fresh, witty, and full of good ideas..."

"As an avid outdoor cook I gotta say I love this magazine—fresh, witty, and full of good ideas and great info. The sauce and rub of the month makes it worth the issue price alone, and the tons of other great articles and info is just a whole lotta icing on a BBQ lover's cake. Hats off! ... Try this mag! You won't be sorry!"

- kindbird (iTunes reviewer)

Why Not Just Search for Free Info?

There are tons of free recipes and helps online for about anything you want to cook. If information is what you want, you're welcome to close this page now and go do a Google search. The problem is that's like drinking from a fire hydrant.

StoryQue gives you a hand-picked collection of high quality articles and recipes that appeal to backyarders written by people with a passion for great barbecue. StoryQue is a platform that makes it easy to tap into the stories of other backyarders.

Second, you can't do a Google search unless you know what you're searching for. How can you do a Google search for Swedish torch if you've never heard of one? The fact that instructions are online and free doesn't mean you'll ever stumble across it.

But now you don't have to go it alone!

StoryQue Makes Barbecue...


Learn with step-by-step recipes and mouth-watering photos.


A fun collection of sizzle for backyarders every month.


Unique ideas to keep your barbecue interesting and exciting.

"The BEST if you want to learn REAL BBQ..."

"I found this magazine... downloaded one issue to evaluate, and realized that for me a BBQ amateur with aspirations to find information... THIS is the absolute BEST source. I am now a subscriber and will follow and possibly contribute to this great magazine. THIS is the BEST if you want to learn REAL BBQ!"

- Leif in Sweden (iTunes reviewer)

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What StoryQue Magazine Is Like 

Illustrated Smoking and Grilling Recipes

Instead of just giving you a list of ingredients and brief instructions, we show you how to cook with mouth-watering photos to make barbecue fun, easy, and amazing.

Interesting Stories to Keep You in the Loop

StoryQue is more than recipes. There are also random stories about competitions and other barbecue adventures.

International Cooking Influence

StoryQue authors live in several different countries, including the US, Australia, Ireland, and the Caribbean. A couple of our writers like to travel and share their findings from food cultures other than their own too.

Sides, Desserts, and Appetizers to Complete Your Meals

The "Fill out the Feast" column includes several recipes every month, including a mix of drinks, appetizers, desserts, and sides—perfect for complementing your barbecue items.

Tips and Recipes From Regular Backyarders

StoryQue gives a voice to ordinary backyarders with interesting ideas and recipes.

"Learn something new every issue..."

"I am a BBQ Fanatic or should I say I have an appreciation for good BBQ. I think I have every book out there and love to dive in to original ideas that turn out great. This magazine is an honest window to look through and learn something new every issue. This latest issue hit me right in my sweet spot and makes me want to start up my own restaurant. Thank you for sharing everything BBQ!"

- Bryan (iTunes Review)

"Avidly await every new issue..."

"I've been a subscriber from the first and avidly await every new issue. The variety of recipes and helpful hints have been outstanding."

- Oldphule (iTunes Review)

"A must have for all BBQ'n lovers..."

"Outstanding step by step instructions! ... A must have for all BBQ'n lovers!"

- BBQ n NAC (iTunes Review)

What You’ll Get...

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StoryQue magazine is packed with great info to help you master amazing barbecue and fresh ideas to keep your barbecue sizzling every month. Subscribe now to secure your access to future issues.

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"Amazing recipes, beautiful photos, and fun and inspiring stories..."

"I am a backyard BBQ guy, and this magazine is blowing me away. Amazing recipes, beautiful photos, and fun and inspiring stories. Keep up the awesome work!"

- Dustin (

"Well worth the subscription cost..."

"Articles are easy to understand. Good information each month. Well worth the subscription cost."

- DRK-STC (iTunes Review)

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—Lavern Gingerich, StoryQue publisher