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Are you a backyard beginner, struggling to crank out amazing barbecue every time you fire up the grill or smoker?

Here's your chance to go deeper and quickly master amazing barbecue in your own backyard.

Are you searching for the “secret” tricks and recipes the pros use to get consistent results and wow their friends and family? Have you been drying out your meat... or ending up with inedible coal black barbecue?

You are not alone...

As a beginner, it's hard not to make some “dogfood” and stumble around a bit until you get the hang of it.

When I first started cooking barbecue, we'd bring in oversmoked ribs and dried out chicken quite frequently. It was disappointing and embarrassing. Until finally, we mastered the basic principles of barbecue and started cooking with confidence.

So how can a beginner quickly go from stumbling around in the dark to cooking with confidence and producing consistent results?

That's what this page is all about...

StoryQue is a fun collection of ideas, tips, recipes, product reviews, and other sizzle from the barbecue world.

Every month we publish another “installment” of StoryQue to keep chefs like you inspired and in tune with what's happening in the world of backyard barbecue.

  • Rub and sauce recipes each month
  • Q&A with a leading smoking meat expert
  • Simple step by step recipes for grilling and smoking outrageous barbecue
  • Out of the box ideas (think smoked alligators and vegemite-smeared briskets)
  • Equipment and gadget reviews
  • Side dish recipes

….and so much more.

StoryQue is written by people who are passionate about creating meaningful experiences around food, fire, family, and friends. For us, barbecue is about the experience—the story that goes with the recipe.

There are tons of free recipes online for about anything you want to cook. If information is what you want, you're welcome to close this page now and go do a Google search. The problem is that's like drinking from a fire hydrant.

StoryQue gives you a hand-picked collection of high quality articles and recipes that appeal to backyarders written by accomplished chefs. In other words, this is good stuff.

Second, you can't do a Google search unless you know what you're searching for. How can you do a Google search for Swedish torch if you've never heard of one? The fact that instructions are online and free doesn't mean you'll ever stumble across it.

But now you don't have to go it alone!

Real Success From Real Customers...

StoryQue is helping readers master amazing barbecue.

This is a honest to goodness BBQ enthusiast magazine. I am a beginner looking to hone my skills to maybe one day compete. For now family and friends are my guinea pigs. Since subscribing to Story Que they have commented on how much my food has improved. I have learned so much! Thank you for producing such a wonderful and informative magazine in such an easily accessible format. Keep up the good work!

Joseph Myers

I am a BBQ Fanatic or should I say I have an appreciation for good BBQ. I think I have every book out there and love to dive in to original ideas that turn out great. This magazine is a honest window to look through and learn something new every issue. This latest issue hit me right in my sweet spot and makes me want to start up my own restaurant Thank you for sharing everything BBQ!

Bryan "bjoutdoors"

A Few More Raving Reviews

5 STARS! "Slap-dab down to earth real BBQ magazine. Look forward to every issue." - rchutchis

5 STARS! "Love this magazine. Full of articles, ideas, pictures, and recipes. Great layout, easy to read." - Skilley56

5 STARS! "Great BBQ App that has a good variety of articles. Great for someone starting a BBQ like me." - Stephen Ellis

5 STARS! "Very easy to read. Excellent recipes. The pictures are extremely helpful. Have only tried a few recipes, but they all turned out great." - Eddier

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We've been publishing StoryQue every month since 2012 and normally these monthly downloads sell for $2.99 each, but today I'm giving you access to all 34 of the monthly issues we've ever published for FREE when you purchase an annual StoryQue subscription for $29.99!

Yep... you'll get 34 already published downloads PLUS 12 issues in the coming year (valued at over 100 bucks) for only $29.99.

46 downloads "prepared with love" to help you...

  • Save time by not having to sort through tons of fluff online looking for recipes.
  • Avoid cooking barbecue that's embarrassing to serve your guests.
  • Cook that expensive meat with confidence.

The choice is yours...

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