New Cookbook Contains: 50 recipes to complete your barbecue meals, illustrated with mouth-watering photos.

This downloadable recipe book is packed with delicious and creative recipes for appetizers, sides, drinks, dips, and desserts. Each recipe has a professional photo. (The photos alone are worth the cost!)

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In This Cookbook You Will Find...

  • Sides

    Side dishes, such as salads and vegetables, to delight any “homestyle goodness loving” person.

  • Drinks

    Sippy drinks, such as tea and punch, to make cookouts and holiday feasts memorable.

  • Dips

    We love, love chips and dips. Good stuff coming up!

  • Desserts

    Snickers pie with your coffee? Cupcakes around the fire ring? We got ya covered!

Meet the Authors

These recipes were taken from Barb's monthly column in StoryQue magazine (Fill up the Cracks), and the photos were taken by Susan, both of which are my sisters-in-law. This is not a cheap compilation of recipes. We love our work, and our team has invested much time and expense to create an elite collection of recipes and photos. May these recipes make many meals memorable.  —Lavern Gingerich, StoryQue editor

Barb Stoltzfus

Barb loves to create and tweak new recipes, and her passion for cooking is reflected in her food. If you're looking for practical, yet creative and amazing recipes, pay attention to Barb's work.

Barb Stoltzfus
Susan Stoltzfus

Susan is a freelance photographer with a focus on landscape and portrait photography, but she also enjoys bringing life to recipes. The work from her studio is superb.

Susan Stoltzfus, Simply Authentic Photography
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