Sticking My Toe Into the Competition Pool

My slogan for my Barbecue Chef’s website has always been, “We Don’t Compete. We Eat!” Looks like I may have to change or modify that. I’ve gone and entered my first barbecue contest.

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The Great Hamburger Omelet

One thing that makes cooking so special is the adventure of combining two or three common foods. The hamburger omelet is a fine example of bringing two ordinary foods into one dish—a good homestyle omelet stuffed with a whopper grilled hamburger! In this recipe, I used my Weber Kettle Grill and fired it with lump charcoal. I grilled the burgers directly on the grate like I always do. I fried the eggs and sauteed the vegetables in cast iron skillets on the grill.

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Grilled Squash Happiness

Grilled squash is one of those simple yet amazing foods—and it’s even a vegetable! I grew up eating a lot of fried zucchini, and later we grilled round slices sometimes, but when friends of ours served us grilled squash, sliced into strips along the grain, I was hooked!

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